The Dus-T Mask

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The Dus-T Mask on Invention USA Show

  Filtered T-Shirt Mask - Season 2 Episode 2

seen on Invention USA Season 2 episode 2
Many Uses For The Dus-T t shirt with Built-in Face Mask

 The Dus-T is a cool invention seen on Invention USA back in November of 2012. It's basically a patented t-shirt that has a built-in face mask around the collar. At a moments notice you can deploy the mask and protect yourself from dust, wind, airborne pollutants and extreme cold.

The more I think about the Dus-T shirts, the more uses I keep coming up with to buy a few of these. For instance I have been in the Tree Industry for several years as a High Climber. Most of the time it's not so bad working 100+ ft. off the ground with the standard protective helmet that does a decent job protecting your eyes, ears and face. That is until the wind starts blowing and covers you in chips. You move to the other side of the log your sectioning off and instead of the chips, you get gassed out by the saw itself. Your only alternative was to bring up a traditional throw away protective mask up with you (ya right) or just hold your breathe during those critical cuts. There is not a single Tree Company out there that could easily see the benefits of wearing a Dust-T t-shirt for all it's climbers and groundsmen.

Invention USA Episode Guide Season 2

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Inventions USA Episode List

Episode List of Inventions seen on the Show Season 2
 Below is a list of all the inventors seen on Invention USA during Season 2. With 8 episodes this season, there is a total of 16 new inventions that were featured on the History Channels Hit Show. As in season 1, some of these inventions have become very successful, and a few there is very little information on what happened after the show. In fact some of these contestants I was unable to find the appropriate information and will update when uncovered. If you have any more information you would like to add, please use the comment section below.

Episode 1: Get The Fork Out of Here  (11/26/2012)

- Throngs is a new form of silverware devoted to messy finger foods. Never use another napkin eating the messiest Barbecue ribs you can imagine.

- RES-Q-Pod is a "Reliable Emergency Shelter" Pod that could save lives during a Tsunami or heavy rains. The shelter holds two people secured inside the rescue pod secured in race car seats with a 5 point harness to keep you secure.

Episode 2: Scotty's Dust Up  (11/28/2012)

Invention USA Season 1 Inventions

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Invention USA Season 1 Episodes

List of Inventors Seen on Invention USA
First Season of Invention USA - List of Contestants
List of All Inventors on
Invention USA Season 1
  The Invention USA first season Premiered on the History Channel on December 9th, 2011.
Below is a list of all the Inventors and their Inventions seen in all episodes from season 1. The first season consists of 5 episodes and 10 inventions they found traveling  around in the USA. While some may be a little far fetched in becoming a successful product, others have become wildly successful after being seen on the History Channel's Invention USA.

Episode 5: Copper and Robbers

- Copper Cop is designed to stop thieves from stealing copper from a number of products containing valuable copper.

- Pigeon and Pest Control Devise called “Roscoe: One Bad Bird” that does all the dirty work. This over sized mechanical bird will keep any pigeon or unwanted bird off your property.

Episode 4: Inventor on Board